Never been to this real sex doll forum

We should be told what problems you encounter, if any, so that we can help you through experience. There is no doubt that I have never been to this real sex doll forum before, which is very unfortunate. Indeed, I spoiled the sum. I draw your attention to the fact that I want to buy a new doll. I still have the materials ready before receiving the goods. I obviously underestimated my reaction to a little doll.

I also underestimated the process of handling a 165 cm doll with my accessories. In particular, I have the first experience in maintenance, the complexity of hairdressing and dressing, and have fun with it. I am very happy about this. I will not deny the fact that I also seek to establish contact with the latter. However, I want to know how not to destroy it, not my own physical pleasure. Finally, it may take me a while to get finance.

Reading the above, I obviously will not regard this quality of TPE sex doll as a simple sex toy. In this case, it has a more economical solution. As you mentioned, life with people is always good. Once again, I mentioned my doubts and reservations about the doll I own, so I regret the distance I imposed.

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