Propose possible acquisition of TPE sex doll ideas

Even if I am a little sick, it makes me very happy. I intend to discuss this, but I will try to make it easy and experiment. In my opinion, it is more likely to skew than anything else! As a couple who owns a real sex doll, I can only suggest that you wait patiently, first of all, this idea should be presented to your partner.

Obviously, she can persevere, first of all it is necessary to reassure her, especially to make her understand that dolls cannot replace women, and vice versa, this couple is beneficial. In addition to the image and stereotypes of sex toys, the existence of dolls not only lies in their existence and the Jing they bring to OD, but also intensifies the curiosity of those who have the opportunity to doll. Encountered one in their lives.

“I am 26 years old and live a normal life” couple? I am interested in “love doll”! This statement caused widespread controversy and many problems. In my case, it will be very interesting, how and why do you come up with the idea of ​​a possible acquisition of TPE sex doll? To be frank, assume, unchecked, and taboo answers to this question will definitely give some of us (not me) who have experienced this question the possibility to bring you their testimonies and stories in their lifetime.

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