My Concerns About The Seller And Real Sex Doll

What I said in the first article is undoubtedly redundant, and because of my concerns about the seller and real sex doll, this statement is more true and prominent. Unfortunately, I only have questions at the reception. I obviously overemphasized different events, so I did not fully understand the different sensitivities. The reason I apologize to you. This is actually for beating my own person for reasons that could have been avoided.

However, the time sequence is still correct. Regarding the doll I was looking for, I noticed that TPE or silicone is a fragile material. I noticed that the silicone composition produced by the manufacturer has changed, making the feel and texture closer to TPE than in the past. I also noticed that it is a fairly new manufacturer and the latest model wrist has been corrected. The silicone used according to the website will have excellent quality.

Therefore, I want to know the real difference between the mechanical resistivity of silicone and real TPE, and whether it provides protection for dolls using inserts. I also want a doll that will not fill the entire house with the smell of chemical plastic. I have a story about TPE sex doll (old generation, so the problems of this era have now been solved), when I received it, there was a little smell.

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