I don’t know my next real sex doll

Unfortunately for me, I don’t know my next real sex doll yet, so I haven’t invested in clothes yet. Time is up, I will post it. Therefore, I want to know the real difference between the mechanical resistivity of silicone and real TPE, and whether it provides protection for dolls using inserts. However, it also has the above sensitivity between a low-cost full silicone doll and better quality. Based on this answer, I will go to one manufacturer or another.

Glad to be able to share with you. A very beautiful standing posture, needless to say, it really gave life. Very beautiful photos. The doll is very beautiful, and the details of my hands are particularly interesting to me. It’s really neat. What brand are they? The smell on the doll will not disturb me, but in all rooms, however, I think the bath will obviously not hurt him.

Today, the smell is really much lighter. I can see it when I go home at noon. Hope TPE sex doll can continue and reduce more. A new doll, yes, but what? I think I have too many problems. It has been opened to me, and before answering this question, I will first take the time to read it. Thank you to all the teams and members of the forum. I’m sure that I can get answers to many questions, so as to avoid asking you.

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