Can find the real sex doll that suits me

I have been single for a while and I have been in my forties. I am more and more interested in these beautiful “dolls”. I am still not sure where to go. I am worried that the “mate” is too small. My height is over 1m90, I hope to find a real sex doll suitable for me, especially under your guidance. Here, you will find all suggestions, photos and experience sharing, which should make you make the right choice.

I am worried that unfortunately, these dolls are usually very small, I am 1m80, my head, the tallest, standing, her head protrudes below my chin. Most dolls do not maintain an upright posture, so they cannot be seen while sitting. I found that the idea of ​​these sizes is too small, so of course you want to have fun. I think it’s too distorted. All sizes are usually reduced, but overall make up for the thickness of the chest, while some reeds are not reduced in proportion to the rest of the body. After each of these flavors. Good luck to find your beautiful TPE sex doll.

I am looking for a doll between 110 and 130 cm (for weight and space reasons). For example, you have 158 cm, 28 kg, 78/50/83 cm, and your hips are more attractive (according to my taste), unless you prefer longer-length dolls and the price is lower than WM, I know what I am talking about, Because I have one. In other words, you can find similar dolls in other brands, unless you decide to choose a face. Arrival is your precious time. In any case, you must set it aside to buy one.

Therefore, before that, you need to do the most research and pause the most problems, I will not hesitate, because at these sizes, the ratio seems to me too large. Especially the waistline seems to be very small. Frankly speaking, I am not a fan of mini dolls. For the same weight and the same size, I would rather “beat” a torso. Anyway, the body breasts of the little girl with mini dolls are too big.

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