I can’t tell you the real sex doll product

I said this is not annoying (you have to type your nose) when you attach to it, this smell makes you feel like a perfume. I do n’t have TPE yet, so I ca n’t tell you about the real sex doll product. Despite the problems with your counterfeit goods, since you want to change to a new counterfeit product, have you missed your future? For the fact that you are a novice and show negligence out of ignorance.

I have no doubt at all, but ruthless, time will confirm this. For photos, there is no problem sending them to you. I think based on your experience, it may cause problems that I do n’t know. However, I am not sure if it is a good idea to publish the private part in the free section of the forum. As for the injury, there are two small incisions about 1 cm in the wrist. If it is internally damaged, they should be worn in the first 2 cm. Obviously, it doesn’t seem to matter.

However, they warned me about maintenance and hygiene. I confirm that there is no damage to the outer skin. I quote: “I love my TPE sex doll“, I have no doubt, I am happy for both of you. As pointed out to me, this is a wonderful feeling. The second one on the right, the second one below, you sting my thoughts! The black dress with frills is really beautiful, it is one of my favorite styles.

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