Obligations of surreal real sex doll

As already mentioned in the previous post, I know this is TPE or complete silicone, and damage is inevitable. However, I would like to know that the definition of “more resistant” does not make much sense in the end. I also confirmed that I can withstand a weight of 30Kg. At present, my actions are more than live performances, although I will not deny the impact of such a body. In addition, in terms of feeling, I do not assume the obligation of surrealĀ real sex doll.

I hope you will enjoy reading this article that I want to write in the original way. I would like to pay tribute to everyone again and thank you in advance for your feedback. If my mistakes can bring benefits, it would be even better. I noticed this time, despite myself, obviously I got the second time in the wrong place. I doubt it by smell, but … in fact, afterwards, when I realized that the seller did not find all the options of the manufacturer.

Even here, I will not share your way of usingĀ TPE sex doll. For me, this is first and foremost a great company, and it is an existence that brings sexual pleasure from time to time. But everyone can use the dolls the way they like, this is the experience we share on this forum. I don’t have access to all parts of the forum. However, I know that people may have a more or less important attachment to his love doll, but I prefer to write now and make fun of my mistakes.

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