You can confirm these Japanese sex dolls here

I’m not sure if it is comparable. There is room between repairing computer equipment and repairing latex equipment, right? As I can see, the concern is that French companies are not selling Japanese sex doll. This is what I want. The neck joint disappoints me … unless you know the site of a French production company selling these models? If choosing the right sellers is important, then it’s equally important to understand why we are moving towards dolls, what we can or can’t do, and what they are. It really looks like. I highly recommend that you visit the showroom before making your final decision to avoid unpleasant surprises and better understand the differences between brands. In the north. In central France, Bruno’s multi-brand showroom (mainly imported from China), and Japanese manufacturers in Lyon. Regarding your wishes, we can confirm here that these Japanese sex dolls bring an undeniable presence far beyond their sexual function.

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