This part of the sex doll you want to use

It depends on what you want to use (not for corporate or sexual use), but obviously, some brands or certain models of the body actually have more or less “realism” between the inside and the outside. The DO framework of the forum can definitely tell you more information if it is also this part of the sex doll you want to use. Here you are going to buy a doll for 1,000 Euros, and it will make 1700 Euros, I wish you all the best in the doll world. A face of wm alone has cost 500 euros. After everyone used his money to do what he wanted to do, I was robbed of my first doll, because like you I do n’t know. Fortunately, I found The right person sold for the other two, and soon for the third. Hello! I’m ace. I’m 37 years old. I’ve been interested in toys not dolls for a while. He came to find information to get it as soon as possible. The range of options is wide and the price range is wide, which is not easy to study. I have a girlfriend (everyone is at home) and I bought a “doll” more than a month ago. I may not have the best sex doll answer, but I am sure that if you read what has been written or information that can be found through this forum and other resources, you can find the answer to your question. There are already many opinions. No doubt others will follow.

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