The sex dolls you choose are very beautiful

I can’t say I’m an expert in sex doll (even a little expert!). I have had a WM doll for almost two months. Not long ago, I stumbled across this universe. So, I will start from this step (or rather “click”) and see on the image an image where the look of a real doll can be found. Maybe I’ve seen it during the research, but I don’t remember. Here I went to the “real doll” scene. Indeed, the sex dolls of your choice are very beautiful … and well done! I just entered this forum a few days ago and am glad to see that I am not the only Canadian! Nice to meet you! I am a 45 year old single and childless man. I live in Bordeaux. I’ve been interested in dolls for quite some time, but so far the price has been unacceptable to me.

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