Longing for a sex doll to exist

Hello everyone! For some time, I have roamed the forum, read as a visitor the various parts that I can access without registration, and after scoring, I started to introduce myself. I have been in my thirties and bought sex doll for months The idea is gradually gaining popularity. Because I am lonely, I have a lot of life on my head, and only one of them is looking for a body! Strangely, the fact that there was a long relationship never succeeded in making this illusory soul deeply attract me. I guess this is a bit distorted, but after a lot of disappointment … quite difficult, I want to find an obvious envelope in my imagination! (I might tell you, I won’t have a hard time keeping it alive!) At the moment, I no longer want to take new steps towards people in the slightest, but longing for the existence of a sex doll makes me a reality.

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