I think I will like Japanese sex dolls

Also, I prefer Asian type Japanese sex doll toys, while most of the dolls found in the forum links are white. After I didn’t know if I actually entered the low-end price, but overall, only at low prices below 1900 € did I find out more or less my point of view on the aesthetic level … Except for some rare models that interest me, I can’t afford them. I think my investment will no longer be between 1,000 and 1700 Euros. So after you see it, but I think most people here have more investment capabilities than I do. So difficult, but if you plan to recommend me, you have to consider my cost limits. Secondly, in my opinion, although I think I will like Japanese sex dolls, I don’t want to personify it, which will be a fascination for me. But, apart from still needing physical contact and use for sexual purposes, I think I’ll be particularly passionate about the clothes I can make him wear, and yes, maybe photos (if possible, I’m going to show you that).

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