What glue is used to solve this sex dolls problem?

Hello, I am 60 years old and recently widowed. I quickly needed to lie next to me in bed to be able to touch and kiss the sex doll again. I bought a 140cm D model of a WM doll. She is awesome and has soft skin, especially after washing her face and talc. However, if I join this forum, it is because I have some technical issues. 1: I chose a long blonde wig for her, but when I turned the doll’s head, she was tangled easily and stuck on her neck. In addition, a small amount of hair is removed with each brushing. So I want to buy her short wig. Is there anything to know or avoid about love doll wigs? 2: There is a deep gap in her heel and a slight gap in the side of her right knee. What glue is used to solve this sex doll problem?

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