Was told I would play Japanese sex dolls over 50?

I had a chance to see and touch these two materials. I chose the silicone Japanese sex doll and the lightest (20 kg) material. Good research. If you read the information here, there will be no counterfeit products. But in all cases, dolls are fragile. Hello everyone, I am 54 years old and single. I bought a doll (1m60, 35 kg) last week. I was hooked on a beautiful 6yedoll doll. The budget is very tight, and it is not easy to find the doll of your dreams. But I spent a lot of time getting information and I was very happy with my choice. In the end, all I can say is that plastic is great. In TPE, you will learn that if I was told that I would play Japanese sex dolls over 50 when I was 30, I would laugh! More importantly, I came to this forum for discussion, but at the same time also got about maintenance, dressing, makeup. I just quickly browsed the forum and saw a lot of interesting topics and a lot of humor.

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