Soon everyone knows sex dolls hair problems

For the neck, you have to put the neck under the scalp. This reduces the residual problems. The wig provided by WM sex doll is a bundled fake that everyone knows about hair problems soon, especially the cracked heels with long curly hair Faut PAS put her Doll stand If there is no reinforcement (screw) on the knee under N ‘feet, the joint can pinch the TPE from the inside, but the strong friction will also cause the tearing glue to be “glue TPE” For itching I have this on the second end of 2017 The feeling that washing your sheets every other day may be due to the irritating nature of the oil dump which happens quickly, once the TPE is a little more stable if it does not pass. If the site is reviewed, more questions may arise. What price starts from your 140? I paid my 140 1740 €. The price is the same as the price on the WM sex dolls website.

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