Please be happy with your choice of Japanese sex dolls

For nails, sell them in a repair kit. If you are not sure, it is best not to try to use any glue, so as not to melt the Japanese sex doll. Send another message, or even no longer intentionally, I love your picture of the head, light and darkness are very successful, hope one day also can do it! Otherwise I will have nails, but I will see this famous glue. In fact, I can easily mold this kind of thing. For a long time, I have been making silicone molds to make pins, figurines, etc. But today I would rather make a variety of embossed templates (designed in 3D) for fishing So nails are fun. If you are in trouble, please be happy with your choice of Japanese sex dolls, because 6YE is a TPE brand, and its skeleton is very simple compared to other brands.

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