Is it necessary to take a shower from time to time Japanese sex dolls?

I think if I buy a Japanese sex doll, it will most likely be restricted to the bedroom. I am indeed in a small apartment, and it is not easy to move from room to room (the door is not very wide, only 60 cm), not to mention the neighbors in my living room. I’m worried about the lady’s bathroom, as mentioned above, the shower is cumbersome (you have to go from the bedroom to the living room, and then go through the 85 cm long corridor to reach the bathroom, the entrance is reduced to 35 cm). Is it possible to have the entire bathroom in the bedroom (parquet)? Or is it only allowed for routine maintenance and it is still necessary to take showers from time to time Japanese sex dolls? With minimal tissue, the doll can be completely cleaned without having to place it in the shower.

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