I want to test with expensive sex dolls reviewed in Paris

Hi everyone, my name is Damien, I am 28 years old and I am from the Waz Valley. I’m here to be more interested in the doll world. I want to test this experience with expensive sex doll reviewed in Paris. Have a nice day. Why are liars and thieves? I was very interested and then ripped off, or what. Liars using the media to spread false information. He didn’t invent any concepts and was far from the first in France. just kidding! Thief selling fakes! He has no contract with my company and therefore has no right to use my product name or even my photos. Welcome to the forum. Pay attention to the doll world and the world full of scams. Whether it is for rent or purchase, I was fooled by the opportunity to buy my first doll. Now I buy sex dolls on urdolls.

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