I think oil filled with new sex dolls will solve the problem?

My first sex doll was also purchased on a vetted website because I don’t know this forum. I bought a website of 161 euros for 1800 euros, using WM molds, but they have their own skeleton and lower quality TPE, so I have a doll that looks like WM, wm means, but not wm. I will not tell you the problems I encountered when I arrived at the customs, or I had to pay an extra 300 Euros and not provide a promotional gift of 100 Euros. In short, these sites are reviewed on the forums and they do not meet all the trust criteria. I think the oil filled with new sex dolls can solve the itching problem I encountered from the beginning. Now that I have been in the bath for almost a year, I take a shower every 3 weeks or so, and I do n’t have this problem.

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