I prefer to use the service of Japanese sex dolls

If there is a better or lesser level of completion, I’m interested. So, if I don’t want him to participate in buying a Japanese sex doll, because when I bought my first flesh, it was a scandal! On the one hand, like you, our sexual relationship is sporadic, on the other hand, it does not support false sexual competition with the subject (sacred paradox), so the doll is a requirement to ensure divorce (all Mess prevents me from seeing my child anymore, I think it’s 10 kilometers away). For polygamy, when you are a man, she finds a lot of male partners, and this is not the same business, this is the slave market, the degree of human barbarity and consumption / commoditization. I prefer to use the service of Japanese sex dolls accompanying people, but I still have a case of conscience on this doll, because it morally bothers me less, is different, but less.

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