I came to discover this sex dolls world

Due to size and stiffness (models with flexible joints are better …), physical contact is not obvious. Okay, stop, I don’t really matter. In some positions, sex doll legs are actually not much. Unfortunately, the “torso” models are not equipped with connectors to fit simple plastic or inflatable feet. It still has the entire body, but has the advantages of size and weight. Anyway, you can choose. You can’t have big dolls that are cheap, light in weight, good in quality, and easy to transport. You have to see possible compromises, so in the end it just happens to be the case. Hello everyone, I’m Phil and I’m in my thirties. I came to discover this sex dolls world. I will attend at a more comfortable time. Hello, I am a man in his forties, looking for a doll with old fantasy.

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