Danger of falling in love with Japanese sex dolls

Finally, when this problem was avoided, I wanted to buy a Japanese sex doll, because in my opinion, it didn’t look as good as other brands (but I might be wrong!), And I couldn’t be disappointed. Hope to read you in particular because I would love to find a lot of interesting profiles here, anyway with mine. Hello, welcome. I am in a similar position to you. I am not a doll, have no age, and have a relationship with children, but I am not satisfied with my one year’s total abstinence … I should also be more involved with sex in the first place ( Flea and silicone blocks already belong to my scope), but from the point of view I have seen everywhere on the forum, it is clear that it is difficult to treat it as a sex toy at best, it is a sex doll at best … there is love in Japanese sex dolls Dangers and produce couple problems that are more serious than the problems they want to solve. Difficult situation.

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