The mold is dedicated to this sex dolls

This must not be obvious! I personally just repair sex doll toys … sometimes my toys! I asked for a price idea so that the doll could almost customize the body and the face could be customized. The skeleton can be taken from another model and then enlarged a bit. The mold is dedicated to this sex dolls, similar to small models. Close-up of a chest of 10 centimeters and above It makes you like a body of 30,000 euros and a head of 6,000 euros, which makes you feel good about the mold cost of 25,000 euros, because the manufacturer has mastered the manufacturing process of its own molds, if 4woods’ local production history is worrying about the collapse of a Japanese plant following the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Making the mold seems complicated. I think the brand still retains some knowledge. Anyway, good luck. A few years ago, I read the story of a rich American who made a custom sex doll (his wife died) and the price announced in this article is, if I remember That’s $ 30,000.

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