Sizes of the prettiest sex dolls models

Many (if not most) measurements were completely unrealistic, which also surprised me, which bothered me and the underwear enthusiasts who filmed the project. By the way, when I was there, since we were talking about breasts (obviously), I had to have more than 400 items of various sizes and hats, and obviously, only a small part of my collection could be found for purchase The person … especially I don’t want to install a harem for this … Unfortunately we can’t change the size of the sex doll‘s breast at will … Do you want to improve it further? If you have the courage or already know it, what is the most representative size or the size of the most beautiful sex dolls model. You will see that it directly tells you whether it is a 800 euro foam doll, 2,000 euros in TPE, 5,000 euros in silicone thin silicone or 7000 euros in French silicone frame (foreseeing crane) 90C is The best-selling size in France, I think the close size is widely used. The two models weigh more than 30 kg. There must be other models, which must not look good because how many girls on the forum are wearing 65A (child size) or 75G comic characters. .

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