Researching papers about this Japanese sex dolls

Hello, my name is Audrey, and I am a photography student. In order to implement my Japanese sex doll study program within my permission, I want to connect with the doll owner to express social reports. Beyond sex, my goal is to understand and understand the links that take a man or a woman to a doll. I want to take portraits with you and your friends in a gentle way. My purpose is to share your lifestyle with you and highlight different aspects of this relationship. Thank you for your interest in this news. Good evening, what information are you looking for and which geographic area are you looking for? Can you tell us more? Are you a little paranoid? May be a photography student! After all, there is a student who has written a 200-page thesis and is studying a thesis on the subject of Japanese sex dolls. Then, he is an expert in communication and must be more literary than a photographer who is no longer a master photographer. Is his diaphragm better than his pen?

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