It seems that the number of Japanese sex dolls has decreased

Not that I’m getting better as I get older (just like drinking), but because it seems that the number of Japanese sex dolls in the area has decreased significantly. Sometimes it ’s a pity, but … I do n’t personally think that the value of a man or a woman is measured by his spelling skills or overall education level, and may not be measured by his human qualities and abilities, or his abilities . The ability to find some kind of life fun and communicate with him or her. Few people came to us to discover the world of “soil” … Today, a young lady came under the “license” … a gap in knowledge? Distractions or typos ?? I don’t know … It might be worth a Japanese sex doll or another little humor, not a guillotine! Also, let us not forget … “Whoever commits evil will fall into the ravine!

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