I’m going to ask a lot of sex dolls questions

All this means that I am going to ask a lot of sex doll questions, and I will not provide any help for you for the time being, because it must be classic on the forum, and it is also mentioned, so I will go back and forth, enterprising, very happy. In my case, I intentionally removed the wardrobe from the wall, which should be used to tilt boxes and other things I didn’t want to throw away. At least that’s how I asked me this question. -Actually, there is nothing here. I try to be as light as possible and put skates under these feet. Another wall on the right is a large wardrobe on the left. -I also checked if they couldn’t see the feet under the closet. Through the disadvantages, I still didn’t find a box thin enough to put these sex dolls clothes and cutlery.

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