I must be able to find sex dolls

It is necessary to know how to properly wear a sex doll to avoid hitting it, washing it, putting it on (looking for its size), and paying attention to the darkening of the clothes to avoid discoloration on it. But the most fragile is because the fingers are hard to repair. So yes, there is a lot to do and it takes a lot of time. But she will always be there to comfort you and love you. Give you a hug and make you happy. I started to really see a lot of things, and I admit that at work, if I can say, I also start to be drawn two or three times, which is very disturbing. The head is important to me: like a real girl, I think I must be able to find sex dolls. I am (almost) 56 years old. I bought a good lady at TPE not long ago. I admit that your speech made me smile.

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