Because despite the fact that Japanese sex dolls are heavy

He is with her. I was deeply impressed by his power, because despite the heavy Japanese sex doll, it still gives a relaxed impression. I have never seen a scene with a naked actor. We’re used to it, but when he put his pants in half the room, I felt a bit relaxed in the public (I shared it with them!). The work lasted for an hour and was played alternately on video and on stage. There is almost no words, no real history, mainly a series of lives, and the protagonist has questions about his relationship with RenĂ©e. A scene marked me in particular. We saw him stay for 5 minutes and gave Renee more and more slaps. The longer I passed, the more uncomfortable I was with the situation. Because it resembles a woman and slaps violence, I find this scene confronts the public. Although we know that this is a Japanese sex dolls object, I don’t think we are just a scene, we are embarrassed by this scene, so we can personify the doll into a room without realizing it.

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