Avoid buying sex dolls on eBay or AliExpress

I bought a few sex dolls at home and I am very satisfied. It is absolutely necessary to avoid buying dolls on eBay or AliExpress, otherwise you will have an inflatable doll or a fake poisonous and very fragile doll. I also have a very small apartment. My lady is lying on the bed. I worked in the army for several years and did a great job in the art of camouflage! During the visit, I would practice some art and be very smart. Even if it is a very naughty 1.70m, anyone can find the content I hide! Of course, children will be more turbulent and unpredictable. I hesitate to buy for the first time. The first question is where my future sex doll will be stored. I have a very small apartment that is already full of furniture and other items.

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