Audience did not personify Japanese sex dolls

I also firmly believe that despite its human form, the audience did not anthropomorphize Japanese sex dolls. Moreover, only in this scene did I feel sympathy for her. Anthropomorphism can appear and disappear suddenly, which is essential for building relationships with dolls. All the DOs I deal with are not fooled because they retain the doll and will still be an object (hence the term “artificial creature” I use to describe the doll lies between the object and the person. People). And it is necessary. In addition, non-anthropomorphic objects can be perfectly personified Japanese sex doll. Two researchers, Fritz Heider and Marianne Simmel, conducted a study in 1944 called “Experimental Study of Apparent Behavior”. The two researchers played a short animated film in which we can see the movement of two triangles and a circle around a fixed but open rectangle.

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