What I want to know is the maintenance and cleaning of sex dolls

Now, the situation is getting better. When we shop, we will look at the girl who “pleases” my sex dolls, and when she comes home, my little Cocoro will accompany us in the living room. I don’t know your relationship with your mother, but if you feel you can, I can only encourage you to explain, but I understand that it will not be easy. Anyway, if you need help, there are forums. For your mother, if you are concerned that she will find a problem, you can still try to talk to her indirectly. Basically, you don’t have to tell him clearly that you bought it, but you can ask the subject to get involved by making suggestions to understand his response. To answer Bernie 62, I know his weight, which didn’t scare me. I am an athlete. Since I have not received the sex doll, I speak very well for no reason, but I will find a solution. What I particularly want to know is maintenance and cleaning, especially dry internal parts to avoid mold. Therefore, I will read many posts in this forum … Thanks again for letting me … be accepted (may I speak now?) On the forum.

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