Friends continue to swear she is a hi-tech sex doll

Don’t you know this is a sex doll? Her husband replied: How can you accuse me of betraying you and doing something like this to you? However, the woman decided to test her theory and get closer to the fake model. She looked at her closely and pushed her, while her unfaithful boyfriend continued to swear she was a high-tech sex doll. The mistress tried to resist the quarrel. She even heard the robot’s voice and asked him to stop squeezing her. But after several pushes, she can no longer remain calm: I don’t have to endure this. You’re crazy, take care, I’m leaving! She said, picking up her clothes scattered on the floor. The betrayed young woman announced: This is not a sex doll! Then, in the last attempt, his companion said he had a receipt and he would have to replace it: there must be a malfunction. I don’t know why she left. It must be a comprehensive response.

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