Several other Japanese sex dolls questions and some suggestions

After reading the content of this forum, I think you will only have a few other Japanese sex dolls questions and some suggestions. I can only suggest that you read (there is substance!) And tell you to “stick” to a biggest reality and avoid disappointment too cruel Dolls (like women … etc.) have their advantages and disadvantages, quality and “obstacles”. That is reality. When it comes to “love dolls” or “sex dolls”, I want to say that it is up to you to choose what suits you. This can also develop. Personally, there seems to be guerrillas everywhere, and I think it’s useless to find the “best” or “truth” because we say it, and the demonstration we give is ultimately worthy of a firm belief in “love dolls” Supporters (in short) will undoubtedly think that others are just ordinary primates without heart and obsession, while followers of the Japanese sex doll may think that others are not really male, that is made of metal and plastic The weight (must be pretty … sometimes …) is naive and neurotic.

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