I can’t say to have sex with Japanese sex dolls

I want to answer you because I am almost happy to read! I feel very close to your opinion. Personally, I would not say “make love” with Japanese sex dolls, because even if I could live and experience something pleasant with dolls, I would not share energy, waves, and “vibrations” because there might be 2 of each other People who are compatible and agree. With dolls, whether they are “love dolls” or “sex dolls”, even if you have a lot of imagination and creativity (and you can already go a long way!), In short, in short: we circle with ourselves. Now that I have a doll, I’ll give myself a “game”, which brings me something that can be compensated and supplemented … but I won’t be confused with the real relationship. Now: Some people say that living in different ways, “the same” or “better” doesn’t really bother me … this is the story of Japanese sex doll and their feelings, belongs to them!

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