Express your own sex dolls on the school bench

Not because he solved the problem, but because he found a way to numb the painful symptoms! I think this is the “search” for finding external issues with sex dolls, and that’s why I think most people are crazy about consuming our fascinating western society, and multinational companies and their leaders are very satisfied. In the end, I will assure everyone who has read me that this is just my personal view of a little human on a small planet, and I have no intention of “releasing the fire of hell” to one or more people without sharing … or who disagree. That is to say, I am not expressing my views on sex doll in the study or on some school benches, but rather my boat is “on the ground” over the past 56 years and after several violent storms. I speak my thoughts and beliefs, and sometimes I am invited to school to hear what I have to say and share.

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