In order to remedy the sex doll as soon as possible

Hello everyone, my name is Will and I am 40 years old. Tell her that the sex doll has two abrasions (at the claws), but nothing serious, I think I can, thanks to your wise advice to remedy this as soon as possible. Finally, very soon, since I am currently working from home, within a few weeks (partition wall, cabinet structure, upgrading electrical standards, plaster, silicone in the bathroom, … I move there a little, the house needs some .. (Upgrade) (reassured lady will be protected from all this corrosive dust). If I understand correctly, you will still miss the “sex dolls job” when you finish your work in the habitat! You are not the first to have to manage his dolls and handmade works at home. Don’t be bored at the end of the year and the beginning of the year.

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