I found some sex dolls in TPE

For the size of the doll, you can see that knowing that the bigger it is, the bigger it is! I’m my 1m90 and I have a 1m61 sex doll. The difference in size won’t bother me too much. It doesn’t stand very often anyway. 7,000 euros is actually much more expensive and more than my savings. For this size, I saw that the 1m70 doll was not easy to move, and then I oriented myself on the 1m66 doll. I know where to see dolls’ lips are more pronounced than elsewhere, and where there are markers to choose the size of lips. After looking for a body that suits me, I found some sex dolls in TPE that I like. I hope you are interested in the brand, the realism, the feeling, and anyhow, I can say that I am very interested.

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