I found the Japanese sex doll to be awesome

With WM, you also have odors. Please note that it will gradually disappear. The smell will disappear after washing your Japanese sex doll. Yes, we must take care of it, because it is also vulnerable. In my case, I would take care of it, but the problem was that she always got her fingers stuck when she slept with me. It was the only thing that was badly damaged. And thanks for the link of “JPPE”! Wow! Indeed, she is beautiful! As it develops, it will be great! I especially like Japanese sex dolls, there are some small “Giggio” in it, I will put myself among all these little soldiers, and then open a new episode of “Gulliver’s Travels” For example, I can call it “( A little “X”) “Gulliver to Lilliput”, but I can call it “Gulliver and Lily Lapet”! Even if I find the Japanese sex doll to be awesome (makeup, location, hair, face Department, back), I also think it’s too sculpted and too thin. I don’t know if I know it.

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