I came here to share my Japanese sex dolls experience

Here, I am 37 years old, and it has been a year, so I have a Japanese sex doll, and this doll has grown old, and I want to buy a new doll. Resellers and new choices that have appeared for our greatest happiness confuse me, so I am here to share my Japanese sex dolls experience and gather information and experiences about all these new dolls. My preference is dolls weighing between 140 and 150 cm, because even carrying 20 kg is very heavy. I am also very interested in the chest and soft bottom (shake). I found that when I choose the Japanese sex doll brand, Much progress has been made in this regard. I also saw a doll with an integrated heating system that caught my attention because, arguably, the doll was very cold. Thank you for reading my information and see you soon on the forum.

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