The proportions of these two japanese sex dolls models are similar

I am new to this forum, so I am here. I just adopted my first japanese sex doll and I think this forum will allow me to take care of it. Thank you for welcoming me on the forum. Well, I came across a chance, and when I saw the cup of wmdolls 166, I his sublimation of his body, so I waited impatiently for my japanese sex doll. Yes 166 C cup! There are indeed some things that need to be cracked. This doll will be severely damaged this year, and the 157 B Cup will shine this year. In fact, the proportions of these two Japanese sex dolls models are similar, and the size of 166C is a little larger than 157B. Yes, I see that there is actually a lot of demand! I hope not to be late, I have no experience in this field.

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