Not real TPE or silicone sex dolls?

Today, I still have a real doll. Do not overuse the sex doll, the more flexible the joint becomes, the more difficult it is to hold it-shrugging, changing the choice of the neck, I want to do it again if it is not good, especially on the neck, because shrugging is not easy . Unfortunately, you will not be the last one to let you … I just hope you don’t have too much and you can still order the bride. Welcome! I almost let myself be abused by the siren on the Chinese platform … when we had no budget, it was very tempting … I refused, and finally I turned to this occasion. Are you receiving semi-rigid dolls / inflatable toys instead of real TPE or silicone sex dolls? Wafers, small … nothing like images sold while walking in the field. In short, the last real disappointment! Because we haven’t tried again elsewhere?

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