Know the error given by the Japanese sex dolls manufacturer

Thanks for your answer, it is a pleasure to find a community and appreciate the relationship with Japanese sex doll and the character and kindness! If they are not found in the forum, I will discuss these topics and ask you more specific questions! In any case, it gave me the freedom to speak freely. Good evening, may cause photo damage! But what I love is face. Only for my taste. Too thin. We saw her ribs and it looked like she was sick. The title of the post is “Skinny Lover” .. So, in my opinion, this is what is in the norm! Hi everyone, new here, new things in the japanese sex doll world, I am waiting to be full of emotions (curiosity, desire, doubt). I ordered from the United States two weeks ago (I’m Canadian). I will read these posts here to fool the wait and prepare for this curious world. Sincerely, it is very interesting. The unit of measurement in centimeters is inches. You must know that the error given by the Japanese sex doll manufacturer is 1-2cm. You will see that this forum is very attended. We exchange tips, discussions, find information and suggestions, and many other things!

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