I finally made up my mind to buy real size sex dolls

Within thirty centimeters or a sixth of a distance, TPE sex dolls are the best on the market. Flexible body with many joints and metal skeleton. There are other brands, but the quality or realism is low. Everyone, I stumbled across the TB Alliance, and because it was too fashionable to play role-playing, I fell in love. I just watched it really attracted these little beauties. If the largest (XXS) can wear small clothing like this, then the level of quality is surprising. I saw that your subject was a bit late, and I also separated, because it ’s been a long time, just like you let your son have a common guardian, thinking of the mini-formula, but now it has passed and I finally settle Determined to buy real-size sex doll, I can tell you that this is a fantasy that has troubled me for many years. This is an order that has been set. I am immediately very excited and doubtful, waiting … whether the fantasy will come true.

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