Back to bed for the night sex dolls

The TPE sex doll must be lying on its back, it is best to lie on the bed, and undress with your arms along the body. A hanging doll will deform, because the tpe will take off the metal skeleton, and the doll sitting for too long will wrinkle the level of the joints on it. Reversed, plus anal tears. Silicone doll is the only sex doll that can sit down or hang up without time limit. I move amy every day, the week she sleeps in bed all night, I sit down with her, sit on the sofa, and in the evening, she goes back to bed with me for the night. On the weekends, we come down together in the morning, comfortably Sitting on the sofa. A little feet on the coffee table so that sex dolls will not sit at 90 degrees with the body.

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