I am interested in alternatives to loving sex dolls

I am very glad to meet you. The doll is better than the initiative in the Platonic hug. The best thing for me is that the silence is complete, and I am hugged with Lena, who is looking at me, but I always succumb to her charm. This is not without risk for her. I am Cyril, 37 years old, from Brittany. It’s been a few weeks now, I walked around some forms to gather information and decided to take the risk of trying to find my first artificial companion. I am not a loyal supporter of the carnival (as they say, mainly for health reasons, I am still a man) and have already had a marriage (divorce), but the social interaction with the opposite sex does not affect me. Not interested, and no time to commit to serious relationships. Therefore, I am interested in alternatives to loving sex doll to fill this lack of hugs when needed (more emotional than sex).

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