Do the same for the undamaged Japanese sex doll

To ensure your safety, I have to do the same for the undamaged Japanese sex doll, but after 15 months of strenuous exercise, the back is soft (arched at the back of the navel), I can’t do this before this summer. do. I don’t know if I dare, as long as the joint is indeed HS, but it can become a real product. When the type of counterfeit product is different, he cannot tell you to use the product for repair. If the doll is not bought at home, it is not free. He is very busy, it serves these customers like a service. The problem is that we have reached an unknown Japanese sex doll world. Do you use TPE? Steel skeleton? aluminum? alloy? Seeing that the back is broken, this is the worst case we might encounter on the skeleton, whether it is open or tried.

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