According to Japanese sex doll location and completion method

Nothing about fake repairs is better than my colleagues, and I can’t say more about the relevance of a priori repairs. Welding is possible, but not easy. Depending on the position and completion of the Japanese sex doll, it is sometimes conceivable to implement a “sleeve” type mechanical component. But we must not hide our faces: these solutions are still expensive in time and / or financial. So we have to ask a question, it takes a little time, so that it can be broken in other places soon… or let you put on a real and serious doll right away… I know, I have waited a few months, After a round, I knew if I started using one of these Japanese sex dolls, because the new model I liked was between 1390 and 1790 euros… and on the unnamed website, my focus price even fell below 400. It’s about the euro, but it’s not good.

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