My first d cup 163 cm Japanese sex doll

I just got my first Japanese sex doll, a d-cup 163 cm, and I was checked at the scene. I am not particularly keen on her weight and weight of 50 kg, but she has inventory. I suspect it’s source. It feels a bit strong chemical – it seems to be heavier than 55 kg (DHL weighs the box to 58.6 kg) – the hips have dark spots – the eyelashes are not lasting – there are scratches on the feet – Wmdolls is not mentioned in the manual . Whether it is for the body or the face, the intensity is comparable to the photo. I was surprised by the good intention of the deliveryman to send the¬†Japanese sex doll¬†package back to my apartment. When I read the “silica model doll” on the DHL label, it was less.

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