Mini sex doll with expressive faces

I saw this product online very well, but it is too expensive for me (480€). On the basis of a mini sex doll with expressive faces, beautiful body and realistic organs, this will be the debut, and the rest are new. I hope to be able to customize on time, children, one after another. Change face (from reality to elf, from Caucasian to Asian teen or mature), eyes, wigs, sexual penis quality, in short, just like photographic equipment, we first buy a good mini sex doll box, Then we take the rest and aim a little bit. Rather than achieving a higher overall quality once and for all. I like the busty breasts and the Barbie-sized deformed body, and the expression can be expressed (I demand very much), because I don’t want to see the eyes in front and the red fish mouth will cut my libido. In short, I don’t pack and buy anything without advice or advice. Marketing can sell dreams, but once it’s too late to go home, you must see the reality behind the mini sex doll dream. A good reason to come here. thanks for your attention. Long hair, but still very long.


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